Work with assignments from Workflow

Work with assignments from Workflow

Assignments that are assigned to you from the Workflow module, are displayed with orange thumbnails in the Assignments view. An assignment can contain multiple budgets to work on.

To open the assignment and work on the budget:

  1. Click Assignments.
  2. Click  on the assignment (orange) you want to open.
  3. Click  on the budget template you want to open and edit.
  4. (if applicable) If the assignment status is Pre-assignment:
    1. Select the relevant parameters. If the parameter fields are gray, the person who created the assignment has already defined these parameters. They cannot be changed.
    2. Click Generate assignments. The assignment status is now New.
    3. Click  on the budget (orange) you want to open and edit.
  5. Click Start assignment process.
  6. Click Run to update the spreadsheet with updated data.
  7. Edit the budget.
  8. Click Save data to save your work to the database.
  9. Click  Finish assignment when you are finished. The budget template is set as completed and is sent to the next step in the workflow. If no reviewer or approver has been assigned, this completes the workflow.

Use the Activity log

You can use the activity log to add or view comments about the budget. This can be useful when the workflow includes a reviewer and/or an approver.

  1. Click  on the Activity log bar. By default, all activities (states and comments) are displayed.
    • Click States or Comments to filter the activites list.
    • Enter text in the search field to search for comments or states. The list is automatically updated.
  2. Enter text in the textbox and click Add to add a comment to the budget template.