Welcome to Solver Cloud. The home screen provides users with useful Solver links including

  • Get Data tutorial videos
  • A quick link to the Solver Support Site
  • A quick link to the Solver Academy
  • Recent Product news


Button Name Description
   Minimize/maximize  Click here to minimize or maximize the main menu.
Feedback Click here to send us your feedback.
Help  Click here to open the help page for the current screen.
 User options Click here to change your password, change tenant (if applicable), or log out.

With the Help option selected, as you navigate through Solver Cloud, you will see update material per page. Take a moment to read this material to learn about the capabilities of Solver Cloud.

For more detailed instructional videos, take a look at our Solver Academy, which is a resource for full training on Solver Cloud. The Solver Academy provides instructional videos and quizzes aimed to help you learn about Solver Cloud at your pace and in a fun and engaging manner!