GP2016 OData


BI360 includes a robust integration with GP OData, found with GP2016+. Using the GP OData service, customers can create OData endpoints to their GP data, allowing BI360 to connect to it.


BI360 GP OData Connector uses the following technologies provided by GP.

  1. GP OData Service


Configuring Access to BI360 Cloud

In order for BI360 Cloud to access your GP data, the following must be done before using the BI360 GP connector. Note: Solver does not provide assistance with the below tasks.

  1. Install and configure the OData Service for GP2016+
    • The OData must be publically accessible and it is strongly recommended to put it behind an SSL certificate.
  2. Enable a user to have access to the OData
    • It is strongly recommended to use a service account to connect BI360 Cloud to the GP OData service
  3. Enable the desired views/tables to the OData Service
    • Solver can assist in creating views of financial data. Please contact for more information.

For any of the above steps, unless otherwise stated, these steps are the responsibility of the customer.