November 2021

Feature Change

The Data Warehouse Entity dimension Currency field has been changed from a text input field to a drop down selection, based on currency codes created in the Currency Dimension.

In the Entity dimension overview page, double click on any Currency field cell to access the drop-down and select the desired currency code.

Fixes & Enhancements this month

General Portal & Data Warehouse

  • Data Access permissions shows the underlying attribute name instead of the associated dimension in the header section.
  • Allows for selecting a period to base the Period filter on
  • Adds an option “Based on” option under pre-defined period filters to select the period that the period function should be based on rather than the current period.
  • Data Job notifications for scheduled jobs that were manually ran by the user were showing the times in UTC instead of the selected regional time zone.
  • Currency rates are not displaying when the Entity dimension is empty.

Reporting and Input Templates

  • Performance improvements to the template rendering engine.
  • Issue with large expansions producing incorrect reports.
  • Expanding groups in Report Archive was not working.
  • Storage of foreign characters was not working.
  • After a change to how templates are rendered, the following period functions were not included in last months release. These functions are added back in: ALL2YFor, All3YFor, RBC12M, RF36M and RFC12M.

Input Flow

  • Input Flow was not sorting templates on name.
  • Input Flow’s “Complete Iterations” text was being cut off.
  • Input Flow displaying an “Edit in Report Designer” if the user navigated between specific applications.
  • Fixes Input Flow’s presentation of ranges
  • Rather than displaying all of the values (e.g. 1,2,3,4), Input Flow will now display them as a range (1:4).

Ad Hoc Reporting

  • In some time zone’s the date field caused application issues.
  • After setting access permissions for roles, Ad Hoc Reporting would cache the permissions and did not update when changes were made to the permissions of a role.
  • Improved performance when loading the modules and dimension fields.
  • Regional date formats were not inheriting the selected language.
  • Period filters were not refreshing when collapsed.
  • Period start and end dates were shifting by one day back causing an incorrect period range.
  • Date filters were not reverting correctly.
  • A date filter should be added when a date field is added to the report.
  • The application would crash in some cases when the user clicks cancel while opening a new report.
  • Removed access to integrations and connections unless the user has access to multiple companies.


  • Updated existing Reporting & Planning templates for D365 Business Central and Finance QuickStart customers.