Dimension Management

Begin by clicking on a dimension on the overview page. The dimension page will load with a list of all dimension codes that have been previously added.

Creating a dimension code

To create a new dimension code:

  1. Click the () icon
  2. A new line will appear in the dimension code list and the user can begin typing in a new code
    • Codes are limited to 50 characters
  3. Codes cannot be blank and cannot contain a single quote.
  4. Once the new code is typed in, hit the tab key on the keyboard to move across the row to add the relevant data
  5. Hit the enter key on the keyboard to save the change.

Modifying a dimension code

Note that the Code column cannot be modified. To modify an existing dimension code:

  1. Click on the dimension code attribute. The cell will become highlighted
  2. Hit F2 on the keyboard to enter into the cell
  3. Make the necessary change to the value
  4. Hit enter on the keyboard to save the change

Deleting a dimension code

Dimension codes may only be deleted once all relevant data has been removed from the transactions and currency tables (where applicable). To delete a dimension code:

  1.  Select a dimension code
  2. Click the () icon
  3. The user will be presented with a confirmation window, prompting the user to confirm the deletion of the dimension code.
  4. Click Delete to delete the code
  5. Users can also click Cancel to keep the code and return back to the dimension list
  6. The code has been successfully deleted from the Data Warehouse.