Create A Publisher Subscription

Create a Publisher Subscription

Publisher subscriptions consist of report(s) and recipients. One subscription can send a report (or multiple) reports to a recipient(s) archive or email.

After clicking the New icon in the upper right hand corner, users are taken to the Publisher Subscription wizard. The user is prompted for:

  1. Name: This is a user friendly name that will appear in the subject line of the publisher report.
  2. Description: an optional field, its contents will not appear in the email/archive item received by the recipients.
  3. Company:
    • In cases where an organization only has one company, this will pre populate with the company
    • In cases where the organization has multiple companies, they will need to click the dropdown to choose a company
  4. Templates: from the dropdown, select the template(s) that are to be distributed to end users.
    • Only Published reports will run. A draft report can be selected but may not run in Publisher.
  5. Take note of the Security Context dropdown that has appeared. There are two options:
    • Context of the “recipient”: choosing this option results in the distributed report inheriting the security settings as defined in Settings > Administration for the recipient. This is the most common option and should be used in most cases to ensure that recipients are viewing only the data they should be viewing.
    • Context of the “me” (the creator): choosing this option results in the distributed report inheriting the security permissions of the user creating the subscription. Use caution when choosing this option, if you are an admin user will full access to data, selecting this option will result in users receiving reports with all financial information shown.
  6. Parameters: After selecting the templates, choose the parameter values.
    • all parameters across all reports will be shown
    • If the same parameter is used across multiple reports, it will only appear once
  7. Recipients: Choose who should be a recipient of the templates attached from either the list of users or roles. Select the respective users/roles.
  8. Destination: Choose where the Publisher subscription should go. As the creator of the subscription, you have two options:
    1. Users’ Email
    2. Users’ Archive

At this point, you have successfully created a subscrition. You can save it and it will run, but it has not been scheduled

Scheduling a Subscription

To schedule a subscription

  1. First, enable the scheduler by clicking the toggle button. Solver Publisher scheduler will appear
  2. Choose the frequency. Users are prompted to provide the start date and time with three additional options:
    • Hourly: send a Publisher subscription every 1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 hours
    • Daily: send a Publisher subscription every 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 days
    • Monthly: choose the month(s) and whether it should go out on
      • First Day
      • Last day
      • Specific date
      • Specific day of a week

Click Save to save your subscription. It will now run at the set, scheduled time.