Open report template

Open report template

When you open a new report template, it contains no report data. Click Run to generate a report.

Open the report template using one of these methods:

  • Select the report template in the list, and click  Open.
  • Click  on the report template thumbnail.
  • Double-click the report template in the list.

The following options are available:

Button Name Description
Run Click here to generate the report. See Run report. All generated reports can be viewed in the History dialog.
Publish Click here to publish the report template. This option is only available if the report template is a draft. See Publish report template.
Edit Click here to edit the report template. See Edit report template.
Share Click here to share the report with your colleagues. See Share report.
Send to archive Click here to archive the report. See Archive report
Delete Click here to delete the most recent report.
History Click here to view the report history. See View report history.
Settings Click here to edit the settings for the report template.
Close Click here to close the report template.