February 2021

New this month

Updated Gateway On-Premise: An updated Gateway application is now available to download from the Connectors Marketplace. See below for fixes.

D365 Business Central update: As part of Wave 1 2021, Microsoft is deprecating support for OData v3. The current connector is using v3. A user must navigate to the Connectors Marketplace to enable this update for all Business Central integrations. Click here to learn more about Business Central 2021 Wave 1 updates.

Fixes this month

  • Data integration task mapping results in an error when a Dimension or Module name starts with a # sign.
  • Integration job email notifications missing the tenant name. This occurred only when Hybrid Reporting and Solver DW reporting are enabled in the same tenant.
  • Gateway application was retaining temporary cache, which was causing low disk space issues in some environments. The cache is automatically purged.