July 2022

Happy July! We have cooked up several exciting additions to Solver this month including fixes to Reporting and some great updates to Workflow and Assignments. Enjoy!

Special note for our customers who use Solver’s currency feature. In August we plan to release an update to the monthly rates table that will fix a reporting issue. This change may affect customers who have made manual changes to the monthly rates table as a workaround. If this affects you or you have any questions, please reach out to Solver Support.

New Features


  • Under the Workflow’s Status view, Workflow will now display a filtered user’s assignment even if it is under review or awaiting approval.
  • Workflow will now use tabs to separate workflows based on their current state (Published, Draft, or Completed) and display a progress bar.
Workflow state tabs and progress bar
  • Workflow start and end dates will now support the selection of the time and time zone by the user.
Workflow Time and Time Zone fields
  • Workflow will now display the total number of in-progress assignments and completed assignments directly in the list view.
  • If a user is not the owner of the workflow, there will not be a Republish button under the view menu.
  • Users will no longer be able to click the Run or Save Data buttons while a report is running in Assignments.

Data Warehouse

  • Support has been added for translation into the Danish language in the Data Warehouse.
  • Support has been added for translation into the Norwegian language in the Data Warehouse.
  • Support has been added for Acumatica single tenant deployment in QuickStart.
  • Updated Chart of Accounts logic for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations in QuickStart.


  • The text on left-hand side panel navigation now matches the user’s selected language.
  • The text on the breadcrumbs navigation now matches the user’s selected language.
  • The application now refers to Data Warehouse Modules and Dimensions as just “Modules” and “Dimensions”.



  • Fixes an issue where the report parameters would not wrap to the next line when using many parameters, and the Run button was difficult to see due to shrinking.
  • Fixes an issue in Report Templates where if the user clicks on the menu button twice the page automatically changes to a list view.
  • Fixes an issue that caused using the drill-to/down tool with 0 rows in Report Designer to result in an infinite spinner.
  • Fixes an issue where Ad Hoc Reporting crashed when renaming a column on new, unsaved reports.

Data Warehouse

  • The sort order of Currency codes on the monthly rates page is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Improved error handling for Dynamics 365 Business Central “Too many requests” errors.

Stay tuned for more Solver updates in the future. For any issues, contact Solver Support at: support.solverglobal.com