September 2021

Fixes & Enhancements this month


  • Fixes Date Range Parameter presets (this year, this month….) starting and ending on the wrong date in negative time-zones – Note, this is a front-end fix only, it will not have any impact on scheduled reports.
  • Improve error handling when Ownership Change receives an error in Administration – Ownership Change would become unavailable if the transfer failed, requiring a reload of the application. The reload is no longer required with this update.
  • Customer administration crashed when moving between users after accessing permissions.
  • Add a spinner as Publisher jobs load.
  • Fix missing delete button in Report Packages.
  • Support Azure Active Directory (AAD) domain names with hyphens
  • Ensure that date parameters in Report Templates follow the regional format set in the user’s profile.
  • Issues with “Run in Report Designer” for Planning Templates has been corrected
  • Ensure view mode (list/card view) of Report Templates persists in the browser.
  • In some cases, not all account codes would come into a report. Impacted only the account dimension.

4x Migration Updates

  • Added new logic to ensure 4x templates properly update when imported into Solver cloud (new Report Designer is required).

General Data Warehouse Updates

  • Dates should reflect user’s language setting, everywhere
  • Dimension Special characters do not export
  • Data Warehouse screens do not load in Safari
  • Multiple reports of the same issue with Firefox. Firefox customers must be on a v90


  • Code and sourceCategory did not match up


  • AAD Authentication could fail in some cases