The Integrations marketplace offers many connectors to import data from multiple source systems.

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File Import

The File Import connector is included by default and is available to load flat file data from CSV and Excel sources. Other connectors are available as part of your Solver license.

Cloud sources

Solver offers many custom-built cloud connectors to access your data. Learn about some of the connectors:

SQL Server

The SQL Server connector enables access to Azure SQL database or SQL server. In most cases, the Gateway client application should be used to access an on-premise SQL server

On-premise sources

The Solver Gateway provides access to data located within your own data centers, on-premise or hosted. The Gateway is a small application that must be installed on a Windows server with access to your source Microsoft SQL Server or file share.

The Gateway can connect to any SQL data source (table/views). It also comes packaged with the most common views of popular ERP’s. Learn more about the Gateway here.

Note: The Gateway is only available on Solver cloud.