Solver includes a robust integration to Netsuite. Solver connnects to Netsuite via Netsuite’s Save Search feature. This allows Solver to connect to almost any data set that a saved search can be created off of.

Solver uses the following technologies provided by Netsuite

  • Restlets


  1. BI360 Netsuite connector does not support parent attributes

Configuring Access to Netsuite

Solver requires the following to be configured prior to configuring the Solver Netsuite Connector.

  • An account with access to the relevant data is required
  • Configure Role Settings
  • Create a RESTlet script
  • Create Saved Search Settings

Please see the respective links above for details on each on of these steps.

  1. A Netsuite account that has access to read saved searches.
    • A users account will need “Full” permissions on Global Permissions (Setup > Users > Edit > Global Permissions)
  2. For the above account, know this account’s RoleID
  3. Enable the following features (Setup > Company > Enable Features > SuiteCloud)
    • Client SuiteScript
    • Server SuiteScript
    • Web Service
  4. Have the Script URL and Script ID for a Saved Search. Saved Searches can be made from scratch or can be imported using an import file. (contact Solver Support to see if any Saved Search import files are available.