February 2022

We are happy to share new updates with the Solver community. The most recent changes are included below. D365 Business Central users should pay special attention to the update below regarding Azure Active Directory.

Fixes & Enhancements this month


  • Adds support in Report Templates for sorting column headers on drilldown tab
  • Includes drilldown sheet when exporting from Archive, Report Templates and Input templates to an Excel document
  • The drilldown sheet now displays next to the current sheet
  • On the portal sign in page, the password field gains focus instantly instead of after a short delay
  • Improvement to ensure browser is running the latest version of Portal
  • Updated error dialog text & display of technical information
  • Fixes drilldown toast message appearing twice
  • Fixes an error when a Report Template enters full-screen mode
  • Fixes an error when loading Input Templates without any integration
  • Fixes intermittent issues with Report Templates sometimes failing when loading reports due to timing issues
  • Fixes the Administration’s License tab sometimes showing incorrect end-dates
  • Fixes issue during storage with error messages not being dismissible
  • Fixes issue where the menu displays the wrong translation after a refresh


  • Adds loading indicator on Input Template until rendering is complete

Data Warehouse

  • D365 Business Central: Azure Active Directory (AAD) is now supported with the Business Central v1 Connector
    • D365 Business Central will end support for the Web Access Keys, check with your D365 global administrator. In order to avoid interruption, please update all D365 Business Central integrations that are using Solver’s BC v1 connector to authenticate with Azure Active Directory. Please reference this knowledgebase article for details on how to complete this process.
  • D365 Finance: Fixes an issue where the authenticate button isn’t clickable when changing users while setting up an integration
  • Fixes an issue where the email notification would display a blank instead of the tenant name
  • Fixes an authentication issue that can occur with D365 Business Central integrations that are copied and use Azure Active Directory
  • Fixes an issue where edits made to filtered dimension lists do not save