December 2019

December Cloud Update

Data Warehouse

Add tenant name to job email notification: For our customers with multiple tenants, job notifications now specify the tenant within the email notification when an integration job completes. To learn about email notifications here.

Missing data in pop-up dialogs: In some cases, the pop-up dialog windows throughout the application was missing information. For instance, when looking at dimension members in Data Explorer. This issue is now resolved.

Consistency issues with local time versus UTC within integrations: IN most parts of the application, the data is stored within UTC time but displayed in your local time. Several fixes were implemented to provide a more consistent display of local times.

• Scheduled jobs not running if scheduled within the UTC time offset: If a job was scheduled to run within the current days UTC offset from local time, the job would not run. For instance, the UTC offset in Los Angeles is 8 hours. If a job was scheduled to run within that time frame, it would not run. This is now resolved.