The Solver Data Menu consists on 4 sub menus allowing users import data into the Data Warehouse. These sub menus are:

  • Integrations – Use a purchased BI360 connector to bring data from an ERP system into the Data Warehouse via an API, using a user friendly wizard.
  • Rules – pre-built rules that perform additional data handling and transformations after the data has been loaded into the Data Warehouse.
  • Jobs – Scheduled running of an integration(s) and/or job(s)
  • Event log – view integrations, jobs and rules execution history. 

Combining Integrations and Rules into a job and scheduling it nightly will allow a user to view finalized data in a BI360 report for analysis.

Click on one of the link above for more details on the previously mention menus.

Each source system may differ from each other in terms of how Solver will connect to the system, but in general, you will need to enable access to the OData or other API. This will need to be done before using the Solver Connector. Please contact your ERP vendor for assistance in enabling access to the data.

  • Some ERPs put limitation and/or charge to access their API service. Please ask your ERP vendor about costs*.
  • It is strongly recommended to use a service account as the user account connecting BI360 to your ERP*.

* Solver, Inc. is not responsible and does not cover any costs associated with accessing your ERPs API service.