Budget Flow Configuration


To create a Budget Flow, the following is required.

  • Purchase of Budgeting.
  • Assigned a Report Designer license.
  • Published Budget template that have been tested and verified prior to being added to a Budget Flow.
    • Budget templates in Draft mode cannot be added to a budget template.
    • Budget templates added to a Budget flow cannot be edited once added. You must remove the template first before making edits to the Budget template.


Begin by navigating to the Budget Flow menu. A listing of all Budget Flows you have created will appear. To create a new Budget Flow, click New in the upper right hand corner.

The Budget Flow wizard appears with the following fields to be filled out:

Field Description
Name A descriptive name describing this Budget Flow process
Integration Select the system that this Budget Flow will write data back to such as:
  • The Data Warehouse
  • Purchased integration to your ERP system.
Company Select the specific company that data will be stored back to for this Budget Flow process.
  • this will pre-populate to the Data Warehouse if the BI360 Data Warehouse integration is selected
Templates Type into the textbox or click the Browse Templates option to add published, input templates to this Budget Flow.
Parameters A listing of all parameters in use amongst the input templates added to this Budget Flow. Please type in the parameter values that this budget flow should be ran for.
Budget Flow Grid Display tiles of each template that was added during the Template selection process. Users have the following actions available:
  • Click and hold on a tile, to move the order of templates for a better visual appearance of the budget flow process.
  • Use the white dot to drag an arrow from one input template to another to define the execution order of the input templates
  • Drag templates underneath one another to indicate that multiple templates need to be stored at a certain step.

Once complete, click Save in the upper right-hand corner to save your work.