August 2021

With summer vacations coming to a close, the Solver product team is busy working on many new features coming this fall. We announced at Ascend, the most existing new feature, Ad Hoc reporting. More details to come.

Fixes & Enhancements this month

  • Data Warehouse:
    • Integrations – When copying an integration, the name is replicated. Copying a copy of an integration can eventually result in an error as the name will reach a limit. The update prevents the error.
    • Integrations – When uploading a file larger than 250mb, the preview is designed to be disabled. This update ensures the preview button remains disabled on all integration pages. This is by design to prevent an error reading the large flat file.
    • Integrations – When using greater than/less than on a date field within task filtering resulted in an error.
    • Business rules result in an error when there is a reference to the term ‘GO’, this issue has been resolved.
    • Jobs – When using a Rule with a parameter labeled “Period” in a job, the periods do not show as expected.
    • Dimension Trees – Importing a tree with multiple parent nodes enforces that the nodes do not total more than 100%. If the same parent nodes are greater than 100%, the import should fail.
    • Currency – Freeze pane added to the Currency page to improve the user experience